1043 - Parent's House

14th Aug 2015, 12:00 PM in 2015
Parent's House
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Tim 14th Aug 2015, 12:00 PM edit delete
The weird thing that kept getting to me about going back to Northampton was how much being in Bristol actually feels like home now. Like, I feel like after nearly 3 whole years now any claim to "my room" back in Northampton is starting to feel pretty weak. Can I still call that house "my house" when I'm both living in Bristol and feel pretty comfortable here? Am I officially moved out now and how big are the odds I'll need to go back? It just reminded me just how uncharted the territory I'm in now is for me.

I dunno, it just feels super weird when travelling to your home town feels like jumping back in time.

Either way, considering the last comic, I'm surprised this particular thing irks me so much...


Thundred 15th Aug 2015, 10:12 PM edit delete reply
You'll always have a home back here with your ntown bros just like your parents will always think of that room as your room. in 20 years they'd probaby still refer to it as your room, even if they use it for something else. yea it feels like going back in time and you say you dont know if you'll ever need to go back at all, but it'll always be a part of you, it'll always exist, just in case you do.
we still call it your house. i pass your house on the way to work, or to pick kat up. the co-op near your house is called the co-op near timmy's house. so yea, to us that're still here, that's how it'll always be, cause that space was carved out for you. :P
when my dad's mum died last month he had to clean out her house and he still called the room he had as a boy 'his room', even though he hadn't lived in it for 30 years.
we never fully 'move on' from where we come from, we only build on top of. the bricks at the bottom might not be what you see anymore, but they're still your bricks.
ultimately don't worry over it too much, we're all just winging it and its a colder feeling to feel like you're exchanging everything you have for the next thing that comes along. you never truly leave, you only spread out. call your house your parents house if you like, but its entirely up to you and there is no correct term for it. sentiment vs fact is an ongoing battle.