1045 - Bad For You

21st Aug 2015, 12:00 PM in 2015
Bad For You
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Tim 21st Aug 2015, 12:00 PM edit delete
This comic's actually been delayed somewhat - it's based on someone from when I was doing the fundraising job, only the reality was a bit more extreme.

He'd avoid certain brands of bottled water because they had fluoride as one of the added vitamins on it. I tried explaining that fluoride is the active ingredient in toothpaste, so it's probably in there and in tap water to save the help national dental hygiene, but he insisted that it was part of a government conspiracy to poison us while taking every opportunity to smoke that he could.

I mean, I'm all for being critical of the government and catching them out on their bullshit, but I'm no chemtrail-lizard people nutter. And I'm pretty sure that if you're unable to stop whining until you're allowed to have a cigarette that you're doing more harm to yourself than I am by having the odd bottle of Coke - which come to think of it, I don't even do that often anyway.


hykez87 21st Aug 2015, 12:43 PM edit delete reply
Ah, the crazy people that we share the world with.
Thundred 22nd Aug 2015, 9:44 AM edit delete reply
takes one to know one i guess |D