1071 - The Black Knight

18th Dec 2015, 11:00 AM in 2015
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Tim 18th Dec 2015, 11:00 AM edit delete
I'll switch to the normal comic shortly before Christmas day, just to give people time to get to the cinema and watch it.

But yeh, definitely a great addition to the Star Wars saga - didn't try to shift the tone to a more comical one like the prequels did (though that's not to say there aren't bits that are funny), and no cute/silly comic relief bears or gunguns. I felt like one of the characters was underused, but Kylo Ren is far more fascinating than we thought he'd be. The couple of fully CG characters threw me off a little - the effects were very similar to the Simon Pegg film "Paul" on those characters, so they looked great, but they were still not quite sitting right in the scene. That's all minor nitpicks though - it's a good start to this new trilogy, and leaves plenty of room for character growth and plenty of places for the story to go.


Discord_Lexia 5th Apr 2016, 6:25 AM edit delete reply
I believe you may have forgotten to switch this out. I understand you're very busy, though, so if it's gonna be a problem then just leave it.
Discord_Lexia 5th Apr 2016, 6:26 AM edit delete reply
Wait, no. That's a link. Derp!