1106 - How Many More?

13th Jun 2016, 12:00 PM in 2016
How Many More?
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Tim 13th Jun 2016, 12:00 PM edit delete
The shooting in Orlando was not inevitable. It could have been prevented. It's even possible to prevent the next one of these events. They've been targeted at politicians before, at black people, at women, at fucking children, and now at LGBT people. They've been down to drunken rage, a break up, prejudice, politics, terrorism, an argument gone wrong, isolation at school and at work. They happen with such frequency now, that at first when I read the headline "50 dead in mass shooting", I almost shrugged it off. A moment of introspection later, and I realised how horrid a response that was. That's how common this is. That's how frequently this happens. Mass shootings - even record breakers - are mundane. That should not be the god damn case. That's so fucking wrong.

The only common thread that runs from tragedy to tragedy, that comes up every damn time one of these things makes international headlines, is the guns. Because sometimes it's neo-Nazis, sometimes it's antifeminists, sometimes it's homophobes. Every time it's bullets. It's cheap tools which have no other purpose than death. Automatic weapons have no purpose outside of war and crime. Let me say that again, louder for the people who might've misread that: AUTOMATIC WEAPONS HAVE NO PURPOSE OUTSIDE OF WAR AND CRIME. You want a single shot rifle? Fine, go get yourself a deer, or stop those damn foxes getting your chickens. You want a small 6-round handgun? Well, if you feel so sure your house is going to get broken into while you're in it, I guess you can justify that. You want an uzi or an AR-15 with 100 bullet magazines? You are planning mass murder. And if you're not, you're probably fantasising about it, which isn't healthy either. Or maybe your dick's just small and you want to feel like a man. Whatever your reason, it's not good enough. Because the desire to have those guns legal cost 50 people their lives yesterday.

How many more have to die? Why does the right to own a gun trump the right to not be murdered? Why does America only care about the right to life when it pertains to unborn fetuses?

My heart goes out to the victims, survivors, and their families of this awful hate crime. My rage goes out to the lawmakers who made it possible.


pantstall 13th Jun 2016, 6:11 PM edit delete reply
It could have been prevented, but the sad thing is every time this happens, people forget the human cost...
ThatGuy 19th Jun 2016, 5:53 AM edit delete reply
He... He didn't have an automatic weapon. AR-15 isn't automatic and you can't legally make it automatic without a legitimate excuse such as: I'm a contract mercenary and I'd like to have my own weapon and for that weapon to be automatic while I'm performing my job. Which is 99.99% of the time overseas somewhere because it's some private military company.

Source: I own an AR-15 and I currently serve. I looked into this myself. My buddy and I have looked into either re-enlisting or going private when our contract with the army is up in a couple years. Also, owning your own automatic weapon is fun. You don't know unless you've shot an M249, M240B, or my favorite, M2 full auto. Hell, I've cooked bacon on the barrel of my AR-15 for fun! 150 rounds, rapid semi auto fire, bacon cooking, freedom inducing fun. It was crispy as hell, but still delicious.

I practiced a shit ton of safety for that too. Shot into a pond with a hill as my backstop. I used google maps and a compass to ensure my line of fire pointed away from any homes in the area and by in the area I mean about 3km away being that the maximum range of my AR-15 being comparable to the M4 is 3600m at a 45 degree angle, and since I wasn't planning to shooting at anything higher than 0 degrees (always placed my targets to be shooting from high to low) and I was surround by dense forest, it's a pretty safe bet.

Point is: Gun ownership is a responsibility, one that the fuck face in Orlando was never going to follow. Hell, I just read a reporter on CBS bought an AR-15 in 7 minutes and reported on it for "shock" value, and then gave it to the instructor guest that came in.... which was extremely illegal. Someone preaching about gun control broke gun control laws. Really shows their effectiveness. And yes, eliminating guns stops gun homicides, but homicide rates do not fall at all. So what's the point?
ThatGuy 19th Sep 2016, 5:31 PM edit delete reply
I love how you have nothing to say when you realized you just talked out of your ass with bullshit "automatic weapons don't belong outside war and crime" no shit Sherlock. I cannot buy or make the parts to make my AR-15. Don't spew made up shit to scare people onto your side. That's exactly what anti-gun people do to disarm the people.