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12th Dec 2011, 12:00 PM in Shizzle
Citation Needed
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Tim 12th Dec 2011, 12:00 PM edit delete
So recently, one of the people I have on Facebook posted a long sweary rant about "our British government" telling us that "Merry Christmas" shouldn't be said because it may offend.

Now, I find it hard to believe that the government could make a statement like that, and I'd find out through a rant on Facebook. So I asked him who exactly said it.

Apparently "I dunno but [I] have heard it more than once" now makes any rumour true.

His excuse for the whole thing "Im merely speading the word", which is fine and all, but he was spreading BULLSHIT that isn't true that merely serves to spread intolerance against the groups that are allegedly offended among the already ignorant and only works to deepen resentment of having a culturally diverse country, and where it is perpetuated by the media, is done so for lack of any real news just to get people riled up. Essentially, any news outlet that runs this sort of story without it being announced by a government source is trolling you to get more e-mails to fill the air-time. But the biggest problem I have with this instance is that the information is bullshit.


ThornsInOurSide 12th Dec 2011, 11:47 PM edit delete reply
Yeah! I wanna be angry at something too!