76 - How to Deal With Headteachers

14th Mar 2010, 5:00 AM in Ideas
How to Deal With Headteachers
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Tim 14th Mar 2010, 5:00 AM edit delete
Sometimes, I'm not convinced that my school deals with bullying properly. There was one person who was a known bully, who on more than one occassion bullied me and my friend Alex, and on one occassion actually hospitalised Alex after breaking his eye socket. What does he get for commiting assault on school property? 3 days internal exclusion. Heck, that's what I got after someone printed off one or two of my blog entries and showed them to the headteacher. Their primary concern about the blog was "anyone could read that". I know, but no one actually read it at all, aside from perhaps one or two entries. They were so damn uptight because I'd publicly made the suggestion that maybe that school isn't as good as the staff were trying to make it out to be in front of the parents and inspectors. They were concerned about their image. And wanna know what it was that final got them to expel that thug that hospitalised my best friend? His mum threatened to go to the Chronicle and Echo. We had to threaten the image of the school in order to remove a threat to the students? Surely that only makes things worse! I mean, they made the right desicion in expelling him, but for the wrong reason.
When the whole blog thing happened, at first, I was sorry about what I'd said about the teachers, but you know what, I take my apology back.