995 - State of the Property Ladder

9th Feb 2015, 12:00 PM in 2015
State of the Property Ladder
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Tim 9th Feb 2015, 12:00 PM edit delete
So there was this story in the news recently about a formerly-middle class elderly couple who have allegedly been left with no choice but to live in the terminals of Heathrow Airport, on a "meager" £1400 a month.

£1400 a month is £16,800 a year, well above the minimum wage's £13,100 a year. If the minimum wage is at that level, then we clearly expect people to live and get by on it. I'm not saying £16k a year is a lot - it's definitely not, but I'm just baffled that someone would get to the point of homelessness before finding a roof to put over their heads while still having that income, unless they were stupidly determined to to live in London. I've been looking around at places here in Bristol, and I've been finding plenty of places under the £600 a month mark. They're working and earning a good chunk of their £1400 a month thanks to coffee shop wifi in the airport, so if they have wifi, then they've got access to the exact same home-searching capabilities as me.

I dunno, I just find it a little bizarre that "elderly couple finds themselves in the same position as many young people" managed to make headlines. It's mundane when a 25-year-old on a low-pay contract struggles to get on the property ladder, but shocking when the same thing happens to someone else just because they're older.