169 - Work Ethic

15th Jun 2010, 6:17 AM in Concepts
Work Ethic
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Tim 15th Jun 2010, 6:17 AM edit delete
Ok, so I walk into Subway, and ask for a Pepperoni Pizza from the snack menu. Simple, right? Bread, sauce, pepperoni, cheese, easy peasy. So, first he puts the cheese on, and when I ask, "aren't you meant to put the sauce on first?" he asks me "oh, you want sauce?" Yes. Yes I do, because that is one of the few conditions that define something as being a pizza. If I had just wanted a Cheese Toastie, I would've asked for a Cheese Toastie.
Next, he puts the pepperoni on top of the cheese. Now, usually, with larger pizzas, this makes no difference, but on small pizzas with large pepperoni slices, the cheese helps hold the pepperoni in place while you bite it.
Next, he asks me if I want it toasted. Ok, either this guy is a damn idiot, or he has never seen, let alone had, a pizza in his entire life.
I hate it when people get good food wrong.