191 - Quiz Night Part 2

7th Jul 2010, 6:37 AM in The Quiz Night
Quiz Night Part 2
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Tim 7th Jul 2010, 6:37 AM edit delete
July 20th 1969. A lot of people won't know the precise date, but EVERYONE knows that the very first manned moon landing took place in 1969, and the first to step on the moon was Neil Armstrong.
Ok, by terms of "first man on the moon", depending on where you count as being "on the moon", maybe you could argue that Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong tied. But there is no way in hell or high heaven that you can claim that the moon landing was in 1968! And these questions were set by people who were only born a year or so after they happened, surely everyone, ESPECIALLY back then would've known it!
But that's not the worst part, oh no. That's still to come in tomorrow's comic...

In other news, the 200th comic is only 9 days away! Awesome!