390 - Tin Foil Hats at the Ready

4th Feb 2011, 6:00 AM in Etcetera
Tin Foil Hats at the Ready
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Tim 4th Feb 2011, 6:00 AM edit delete
So yeh, sometimes Maisie gets a bit paranoid, and sometimes I can't help but joke about it, but still. Most conspiracy theories are bullshit.

I actually gave more reasons that the "satellites are watching you" thing is bullshit, but give me a break, there's only so much space in those panels.


Newbs 4th Feb 2011, 9:37 AM edit delete reply
They are controlling our brainwaves! Thats what they want you to think!
Mazriel 4th Feb 2011, 11:11 AM edit delete reply
But it IS what they want you to think~! *nyeh* Dun liek yoo anymooore~
Tim 4th Feb 2011, 12:44 PM edit delete reply
@Newbs - Well, it's debatable just how much brainwaves really effect what we think. Surely brain activity drives the brainwaves, not the other way round, so I don't see any plausible way of injecting thoughts into someones head without strapping some contraption with loads of electrodes and magnets to their head and hoping for the best.

@Mazriel - Well, actually, if you look around in the media, I'd say that, if anything, they want you to think that they can do it. C'mon, how many times has a spy drama NOT used satelite footage? They've done it in 24, Spooks, probably others too. By using it all over the place, they actually inject the idea that it can be done and that it is done, into our minds, through the hypodermic needle effect.
If they could identify specific people from space using satelite images, then they'd have found Bin Laden, proved Iraq had no WMDs, tracked Raul (sp?) Moat while he was on his rampage, and accurately tracked the hijacked aircraft on 9/11.
Since absolutely none of that happened, I'm feeling pretty confident in saying that either it cannot be done, or they haven't found a way to do it.

And another thing, using satelites to track the movements of specific people would require them to be able to manouvre satelites in orbit to follow them. There are probably thousands of satelites in orbit at the moment. Using a tracker satelite would inevitably cause it to veer into the path of another satelite sooner or later, causing at the least, a few people finding their GPS's stop working, and at the most, an international incident. Given how seriously the government takes fairly trivial threats, I severely doubt they would take the risk of causing such an incident just to keep an eye on some person.

And also, this whole thing would have to be covered up. Now, may I bring to your attention, the instances of Watergate, and Monica Lewinsky. President Nixon couldn't cover up a simple burglary, and President Clinton couldn't cover up a simple blow-job. We're talking the American government, the one often considered to be "the cover-up machine" being unable to even keep two fairly minor things like that out of the public eye, do you SERIOUSLY believe that any government like theirs could cover up something like spy-satelites watching normal citizens? There'd be a bloody outcry.

Also, it would make total sense for a government to want you to believe that they can do this thing. Because it scares people, and scared people don't speak out and oppose them. Making people believe that the government is all knowing and all powerful is a fairly good way of controlling a population, so be being paranoid about this stuff, you react exactly how they want you too.
And vice versa, it wouldn't make sense for them to make you want to believe that they can't track you by satelite. After all, you'll be more willing to stand up and speak out against the government and the genuine wrongs they do if you're not scared that satelites are watching you when you leave. Why would the government deliberatley support a belief that makes people more willing to stand against them?

If that's not enough, I have no clue what is.