598 - Negativity

18th Feb 2012, 12:00 PM in Post-Hiatus
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Tim 18th Feb 2012, 12:00 PM edit delete
So, anytime I start feeling down about anything, the back of my mind helpfully points out the far larger problems in the world, probably to give me some sort of perspective. It does, but it doesn't stop me feeling down about whatever was making me feel down, instead it just makes me feel down about feeling down about small personal stuff when there's so much bigger stuff worth feeling down or getting angry about.


Kouhai 18th Feb 2012, 6:29 PM edit delete reply
telling yourself to feel better cuz there are people worse off is like telling yourself to feel worse cuz some people are better off. sure, it's all very well telling yourself not to worry so much, looking on the bright side n all that bollocks, getting perspective, but over-thinking it will just get depressing... all problems are relative so don't feel guilty :P
Lemon Grenades 19th Feb 2012, 8:44 AM edit delete reply
The thing about perspective, I mean THE Thing about perspective, is that there are always more than two, and second thoughts are not always as good as third or fourth thoughts.
So the 'helpful' thoughts pointed out that there are those who are worse off, but did they challenge your basic assumptions? In an age of Skype and IM, what does moving away mean? Heck, I know families who talk about more serious shit once they move away from each other than ever they did when they lived under the same roof.
Facts is facts. If you go to Uni your life will change, no shit Sherlock. But what you do with those changes is up to you. If you choose to let friends go then that is your choice. But you can choose to stay in touch. Get a coach or train every now and again. Go visit friends who are at other unis and stay over, it's fun, believe me.
Look, I could be nice and say 'poor you', but that ain't gonna help. Screw first and second thoughts and listen to third, fourth and fifth thoughts then you can get on with life.
Lemon Grenades!
Newbs 19th Feb 2012, 11:36 PM edit delete reply
You'll enjoy uni. I was worried about living away from home for a while, and it took me a few weeks to get used to it, but the worst thing about it is just having to do your own cooking and cleaning. Which isn't that bad, cause you get to choose what you have for meals. Which is also a bad thing I guess, but hey, pizza counts as a vegetable now, right?