653 - The Awards - Part 4

25th May 2012, 12:00 PM in Post-Hiatus
The Awards - Part 4
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Tim 25th May 2012, 12:00 PM edit delete
Now, I'm fairly certain they twisted the truth a bit, but this is pretty much the impression that they gave me - that is was my work that convinced Alan Moore to do it. I think it was more that he saw a bunch of them and liked them than mine on it's own, but I can't know that for sure. I still doubt my work's good enough to really catch his attention that much.


Kouhai 25th May 2012, 1:33 PM edit delete reply
You just can't see how good you are, can you?
Wade Tingley 25th May 2012, 2:30 PM edit delete reply
I agree with Kouhai. You've already been noticed by MLP:FIM people, and now a noted writer.

Don't make me get George Lucas to come over there and pimp-slap you just to prove a point.
Tim 25th May 2012, 3:53 PM edit delete reply
If you tried to do that, I'd probably pimp slap him for The Phantom Menace.