678 - Film Fury

7th Jul 2012, 12:00 PM in Renewal
Film Fury
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Tim 7th Jul 2012, 12:00 PM edit delete
I hate it when I'm showing a film to someone for the first time, who claims that they really want to watch the film, who then spends the whole time glued to Facebook on their phone or laptop.

How can you expect to fully appreciate the music, the acting, the effects, the writing, the themes and underlying messages of a film if you can't even watch the bloody thing?

And also, when a group of people are watching the film, and at least one of those people hasn't seen it, it pisses me off when people talk over it so that the new person/people can't watch it properly. Especially when they're talking to the person that hasn't seen it. It's like SHUT THE FUCK UP, THEY CAN TALK ABOUT THE MOVIE ONCE THEY'VE ACTUALLY FUCKING SEEN IT. The world won't end before the film does! It's like talking in a cinema.
And when people walk into the room while you're watching something and they're on the phone, and then they have a go at you for telling them to shush! It's like, I was here first, dickwad! You're the one that's being rude to me by not either shutting up or going away!

I have a lot of pet peeves when it comes to watching movies with other people.