917 - Halalabaloo

9th May 2014, 12:00 PM in 2014
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Tim 9th May 2014, 12:00 PM edit delete
There are legitimate reasons to be against kosher/halal produced meat - whether or not they are humane ways of slaughtering animals is a perfectly reasonable thing to debate, and if it's not, then yes, halal and kosher foods should not be served in the UK/EU. We already have food standards that mean that animals have to be stunned before slaughter to minimise suffering, and whether that is carried out in halal/kosher abattoirs is a very good question to ask.

However, bigotry is NOT a good reason to be against it. There's not been a single debate about it on my Facebook page where animal welfare has dominated the discussion. It's all been "why should Muslims force Islam down my throat" this, and "they should go back to their own country" that, and it makes it very hard for me to take a position that I would actually be all for in other circumstances.

I think the thing that really made me laugh was that when the story broke back with the first shock-seeking Daily Mail article with "Subway stores now offering Halal only", everyone was freaking out while I was just sat there thinking "what? didn't you know?" There's been a halal-only Subway near the top of Northampton's main high street for years, the Subway round the corner from me has been halal-only for as long as I've lived here. Halal-only Subways really aren't a new thing. They exist in specific locations with high Muslim populations in order to serve the needs of the surrounding population - and I've never seen anyone have a problem with that until this sensationalist bullshit barrage in the papers this week.

If halal meat meets the animal welfare requirements of the UK/EU, then I don't have a problem with it.


Guest 9th May 2014, 7:10 PM edit delete reply
my thoughts exactly!
but i've heard that it doesnt meet the welfare requirements and thats what annoys me.
i dont really have a problem with eating halal meat, after all i worked in a halal restaurant and ate there on my lunch break.
the problem i have with halal and establishments taking on the halal tradition is that they're making it sound like its good and proper and more ethical than the western way of slaughtering, when it really isn't, its barbaric.
i dont agree with the people saying 'they should move back to their own country' but there is an element of truth to the fact that western culture is being taken over, after all as you said, there were halal subways anyway, but now they're ALL halal, so people that are faithfully against halal can't eat there anymore, so in a way its rejecting more than its including.
but i am proud of subway, and our country, for adapting to its population, and trying to include others. a lot of english forget how diverse england is, and forget that diversity itself is kind of english in a way. even our language is constructed of other languages. I just dont get how people can be so childish as to fight over sandwiches. its not as if we're starving here.
LeylaMarias 9th May 2014, 7:25 PM edit delete reply
That is rather petty.
I mean, what's sandwich meat going to do to you? I'm pretty sure it's not going to force any ideas onto anyone.
LeylaMarias 9th May 2014, 7:24 PM edit delete reply
So.. they think that by eating the food, they are being indoctrinated or something?
I'm pretty sure that's NOT how conversions work....
Usually, there's talking involved....